Bible App for Kids:
4-9 years

The Bible App for Kids is developed by OneHope in partnership with YouVersion. The app is downloaded more than 20 million times world wide. Jesus Kids is proud of beeing able to translate this app to Norwegian!

The Bible Appen for kids is available on AppleStore and GooglePlay, but there is also a separate universe with parent guides and curricula for Sunday Schools in the Jesus Kids app. Read more about the Bible App for kids here:

A total of 41 bible stories are availkable in Norwegian in the Bible App for Kids. This covers Gods great story from Creation, The Fall, The Flood, the profets and the promises, Jesus and the Gospel, even the Acts and recreation of heaven and earth!

The blessed connection Jesus Kids has with One Hope has resulted in the translation of the Bible App for Kids into Norwegian, but also enabled us to include the curricula build around the app in our faith formation plan and the Jesus Kids app, that now links to the Bible App for kids.


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