App made for making disciples

The Jesus Kids app has all you need of curricula, plans, system, resources and tools for faith formation in your church and in your home. The Jesus Kids appen is available both on 
Apple Store and Google Play.


The Jesus Kids app has "universes" adapted to the different age groups
making the discipleship process fun and engaging for the children.

0-2 år

Edens hage

Konkret tilnærming

3-5 years


Narrative approach

6-8 years


Applicative approach

9-11 years

Teach to go

Theme approach

12-14 years


Leadership training

4-9 years

Bible app for kids

Well known Bible stories


Jesus Kids is a system with associated tools that you can use to organize, lead, and facilitate faith training both at church and in the home.

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Jesus Kids has an elaborate and flexible faith education plan that covers the age range of 0 to 14 years with goals and actions for both home and church, and includes tools and assistance to follow up the plan so it doesn’t “lie in a drawer”.

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