Kåre Skuland

Kåre Skuland

CEO Jesus Kids

Kåre Skuland (51) is the founder of Jesus Kids. He is married to Janne and has 4 children. In addition to leading Jesus Kids, he is a Children’s Pastor in Jesus Church. He has an extensive experience from many fields, including 35 years as a Sunday School teacher, suspense novel writer and song writer. He has a master in Computer Science and a Bachelor in Economics, and he has been a church planter and a vital part of pioneering the New Generation student movement.


JenJennifer is a skilled drawer, and illustrates the universe for the youngest, called “Garden of Eden”. Her style gives a unique feel to the characters of the bible stories, that just fits the youngest children perfectly. We are so happy to have Jennifer on the team!

Jennifer Lee Rognli


Samarth is our expert coding the app and all its features. He lives in India, and he has the passion, commitment and skills we need.

Samarth Agarwal


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